This is why I love you Tracey!!!

NOTE: I love the man's face with lipstick marks all over it at 0:03.

She is a walking talking piece of art. So inspiring, her drawings make me want to melt. I love free spirited people.

Pen marks - Love of Interview magazine

Interview Magazine: August '09

BTW... how much can you feel the 80's coming back in my drawings! especially with the use of colour.

Pen marks - Love of Interview magazine

This magazine (Andy Warhol's interview) has ruled my summer bus journeys and my Starbucks reading, I love it, Interviews work far better unedited.

Drawings from: June/July '09 "Bjork & assorted VISIONARIES"

notes on Tate Liverpool Summer 09 exhibitions 2

I went back! ...

Photo Trail... S/S 09

Some photographs I took whilst on a walk the other day!...

Notes on Tate Liverpool Summer 09 exhibitions 1

Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic... I have never been so happy with the collection of work. I only managed to properly take in 3 works in 2 hours. I have promised myself another visit before I leave for London.

Notes as followed:

pen marks - love of wax crayon

Photo Trail... S/S 09

Woolton Cinema (picture house)

making CAKES!

I made cakes tonight! Check out the photos... Don't cha want one???!!!!

P.S. the Canary Yellow one is Luke's!

Fashion from Interview Magazine

Fashion Illustration from Ann Demeulemeester (Spring 2007)

Do You Whisper A...

Love Letter D.Lynn Campaign!

Coming Soon...

Notes on Slow Magic at Liverpool Bluecoat Gallery...

Fantastic revitalized my love for painting! It has some truly interesting and visionary artists in the exhibition, heres scans of what I had to say in my notes...


I am so happy to finally have my Macbook back with all the repairs complete, let the blogging commence!