Photo trail - Liverpool | The Egg Cafe

LIVERPOOL | The Egg Cafe window

[don't miss what's on the lamppost]
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Photo trail - London | Holborn

LONDON | Holborn, Central saint martins, Spring April 2010

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Spotting Prince Charles & Camilla

I Snapped a photo the other day when I spotted Prince Charles wheeling Camilla into the Royal Opera House for the premiere of 'Aida'

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Monoprint family

Title- ''Dad + Tom in camp'

Title- 'shopping in town 1972'

Photo trail - London | St. James Park

LONDON | St James Park, April 2010

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Pen marks - 'Papa your trench'

title- 'Papa your trench' 
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Movie stills re-movement

title- 'Ps. I'll be back... Did you cry with her? Did you know if she was coming back? ' 


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Remember mixing with your fingers?

Title- "Remember mixing with your fingers? Remember icing with your heart?"

Pen Marks - 'Beautiful Bird's'

Bird's just have the most fantastic connotations. Connotations of 'flying off into a warm sunset' connotations of 'breaking free' connotations of 'graceful movement ' and 'beauty in motion'. They really are some of the most beautiful living things you come across. I always find that whenever I'm in a time of worry or stress a Robbin Red Breast finds a way of crossing my path, and although often described as a common garden bird. I see this meeting as more than coincidence and something more of fate... 

title- 'Beautiful Birds'
-Monoprints & acrylic on paper

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Marilyn Honey... you look dazzling!

Title- 'Marilyn honey... you look dazzling!'

Recent illustration & collage
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Pen marks - 'the new state'

Title- 'The new state'

My recent monoprints

illustration drawings art london people fashion central saint martins graphic design style

'That hot bird'

Title- 'That hot bird'

My recent illustration...

illustration art london central saint martins artists united kingdom bird animals fashion fabric 

Pen marks- 'Hockney'

Title: 'Mr Hockney- your giving me many ideas & opening me up'

My recent portrait of the great David Hockney
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Pen marks- 'A fit bird'

'A fit bird'

I'm really interested in forms created by nature, really interested. Some natural forms that are extremely common or familiar to us are seen as 'normal' and 'right/correct'. But what about when theres is a quirk, a glitch, an abnormal element? How do you feel about it? Suddenly has a MUTANT been created (in capital, bold, piecing letters)? I'm not too sure. Part of me even begins to run through Darwin's evolution theory, trying to form some connection.
I took out a book from CSM library named 'MUTANTS' and I keep flicking through the pages studying the photographs & illustrations feeling both fascinated and guilty. Guilty I am treating these people/animals like a freak-show. There is defiantly a real raw element of beauty in these "Mutants"... above I have paired my drawing of a male Eurasian Golden Oriole bird with some of the images from the mutant book to illustrate this idea.

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Easter photo face

'Easter photo face'

Some other results from a easter photo investigation.

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Easter photo faces

Recent photographs from a recent photo-shoot with my partner in artistic & creative adventures

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Fresh photos of my dwelling

Heres two photos capturing a few of my favourite aspects within my bedroom.

Interior's are an area in design I find endlessly interesting and LOVE compiling un-expected things together to create a 'junk-shop in a stately manor' feel.

Glamour design decorating vintage 

Vintage negatives

Vintage negatives... found and scanned in, LOVE THEM.

This one specifically has fantastic qualities...

Trilby weather

'Trilby weather'

A recent illustration from old family photo albums

Part of my on-going Tracey Emin homage/investigation

This is a recent study of Tracey Emin. I have some really great Emin illustrations of late! including some monoprints but I need to wait until term begins again so I can use a A3 scanner.