Christmas Sweets & Vintage me

I love christmas sweets.

Heres vintage me enjoying some Quality Street...

I'm getting really excited for christmas this year, after being away at uni I think I'm going to enjoy all the gathering and celebrating more than ever.

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #21

A illustration I've just done of Mick Jagger

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #20

Drawing & Collage from fashion imagery

Drawing from this Fashion Blog

Artwork for Sidewalk Chalk

I recently did the artwork for Sidewalk Chalk a great fashion inspired blog put together by one of my close friends, heres the results! ...

Philip Lorca DiCorcia

My Notes on the Amazing photographer Philip Lorca DiCorcia for my latest project:

pen Marks - Moleskin sets #19

Some of the latest drawings from my sketchbook....

Photo Trail...Fall 09' walking about

Photos taken from walking around London...

Pen Marks - Dolls

Vintage Bardot drawing

Toy Story's Woody

Decided to study Woody a little more, can't wait for Toy Story 3 to be released!

pen Marks - Moleskin sets #18

This is an illustration of Ada Grace Butcher, the youngest member of my family. She makes a great picture!


Celebrating my 120th post !!!

Happy 120th post Behind The Geek Glasses !!!!

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #17

For my latest week long project I have decided to compare the personality of the type face Swift to Janet Street Porter. Heres the illustration of JSP before I set it in resin.

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #16

This is an illustration I did of my mum, it's from an old photo I got my hands on.

Ps. She reads my blog as well (she's got good taste!)

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #15

Sweet as Candy

Kate moss


Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #14

Tonight, after seeing Janet Street Porter on Channel 4's The F Word, I remembered how wonderful I think she is.

I have her book "Life's Too F***ing Short" and I say it's a book EVERYONE should own, its one of those you will benefit from reading before a job interview, date, break-up... just about anything!

Anyway have a look through her site its pretty interesting (I like the "look" of it too) AND... I think Damien Hurst drew the portrait of her on the homepage!

pen Marks - Moleskin sets #13


The wallpaper in the kid's bedroom (Andy) is Amazing!
It's the blue one with thin wispy clouds! f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c

Disney pixar are REALLY clever

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #12

"In a bungalow in Peacehaven, by the east Sussex seaside, a 72-year-old man and his 62-year-old wife are planning their future... upon so-called "death", a team of experts must rush to their sides, pump out their blood and fill them with antifreeze."

-The Dad's Army of British cryonics:

Never Say die - Guardian article

The Nation's Favourite School Dinner!

Is... A Roast Dinner!

According to the results of an online poll released this week, the nation's favourite school dinner is a roast dinner followed by sponge pudding with custard. Nice to know its not pizza and chips!

A pipping hot roast dinner followed by sponge pudding & custard and a cup of tea sounds amazing to me, after having cheese on toast for tea.

Pen marks - Art Student

This was the first bit of drawing/art/illustration... ANYTHING, that I did after moving to London for University. Thought I'd post it up after one of my flatmates (lucy) asked about it earlier on.

It's a self-portrait, but is more about the term "Art Student" not "".

What do people expect an Art Student to be?

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #11

An illustration from a photo of my uncle on Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool.

I thought the smudged red car in the background said a lot about capturing a time and a place forever in a photograph. Photos like this are my favourite.

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #10

"The thing that makes you most memorable,
or most remarkable.
Is the thing that often annoys you about yourself."
-Ronnie Corbett

I watched ITV's "Piers Morgan's Life Stories" at the weekend and even though I am really not keen on Piers, I'm really keen on his interview's. So far my favourites have been...
- Cilla Black (week 1) and Ronnie Corbett (week 4).

Above is something Mr Corbett said that stood out to me.

This saturday his guest is Vinnie Jones, hmmm... I wonder if it will beat last weeks? (doubt it)

p.s. you can watch past episodes at ITV PLAYER

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #9

Moleskin sketches from the weekend, I thought I would stick to drawing in one colour all this weekend.
I like it!

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #8

Some Sketches:

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #7

My sketches:

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #6

My Moleskin sketchbook & sketches:

London Project - River Thames

London Project- The River Thames