Pen Marks - V Magazine Natalia Vodianova

Pen Marks - V Magazine Natalia Vodianova

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Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #4

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets #3

Here is another set of freshly drawn illustrations from ID Magazine, Fall 09.

Monoprinting - LOVE it!

This week I did a workshop on Monoprinting, I found it FANTASTIC. I love everything about monoprints. The tones can be so beautifully subtle or Bold & Strong. I even find the process thoroughly enjoyable! I really would be happy living the rest of my life locked away monoprinting. Some how it makes me feel like a "real" artist haha.

AND... I never knew most of Tracy Emin's drawings were monoprints! I'm going to have to splash out on her "One Thousand Drawings" book.
Just found it on, new for £24.39! (RRP: £40.00).

Heres some of my monoprints from this week;

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets

Heres a second set of drawings from ID Magazine Fall 09' :

Drawings from: Pepe jeans , and ID

David Lynn

Pen Marks - Moleskin sets

These are scans of some recent drawings from ID Magazine Fall 09', in my tiny moleskin book.

Drawings from: Id magazine front cover pre-fall 09, Fall 09, model Chanel Iman, Model. Id is a UK Fashion art and culture magazine, based in London

Pen Marks - NO BMP

"After more than 8 million people watched the far-right leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time on Thursday evening...
Lord Mandelson warned that Griffin's exposure would produce "a bubble in the opinion polls for the BNP". He reflected fears across the mainstream political spectrum that the BNP had received a once-in-a-generation PR opportunity."
-Ministers warn of poll boost for BNP after Question Time
Read entire article at:

I thought that thursday's programme was brilliant, it's much much easier to win after you get a chance to study what your fighting. All the BBC did was employ the theory "Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves".

Plus, we're all much cleverer than that.

Pen Marks - Cheryl Cole

"With one of the most finely tuned marketing campaigns of modern times, the 3 Words album is expected to be one of the biggest of the year and is released as Cole celebrates a No 1 in the singles chart with her solo debut Fight for This Love...
Peter Robinson, the founder of, said the Cole release reflected a trend for "micro-marketing". "Labels are tracking down potential fans and invading their lives,"

-Cheryl Cole gets her hands dirty for new album as label woos fans, Sunday 25 October
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Pen Marks - Small portraits

David Casavant

I recently designed a new header for my friend's fashion blog (DavidCasavant.Net). Check out his blog if you consider yourself a fashion forward sort of person! It's Oozing with beautiful clothes & stylish ideas!

Pen marks - Kate Moss with TOPSHOP

This illustration is about Kate Moss's fourth collection for TOPSHOP.
It's personal work and obviously has nothing to do with Topshop.

Inspired from the image below

Pen Marks - HOMME+ W/S 08/09

Pen Marks - Dazed & Confused

A recent portrait from a Dazed & Confused editorial:

Pen Marks - Shoes

Drawings from a recent moving image project, based on "Squeaky Shoes".