Hidden History

Heres some visuals from my latest illustration project in my 2nd year, We have to uncover 'hidden histories' and 'unexplored lives or stories'. Resulting in a strong visual response. Heres some of my visual research...

Christmas Coca-cola, santas comin!

You know christmas must be close when the cola cans get father christmas on them and sprinkles of snow. Tv ads soon I'm sure...

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Lunch with my mum

Heres a drawing I did on a napkin while I was having lunch with my mum in Liverpool. I think the lines and marks are really stylised and relaxed. It was a good way to pen down the memory.

tea liverpool egg cafe veg food dining friends parents love eat drink


I miss colour. Rich, deep, expressive colour, after endlessly mono-printing in a romantic and soul healing manner using earthly light amounts of greasy black paint. I'm back knocking on the door of colour with my bags to move back in. With serious plans however, to keep mono-printing.

cheryl cole colour london central saint martins new art drawing gossip  


Whilst in Liverpool I had taken lots of photos on my phone of things I thought looked worthy of capturing. I have taken some time to go back to these drawings in the last couple of days, and work on a few illustrations from them. Below are some of the ones of Calderstones park, Liverpool.

Drawing on the move

Recently, I have enjoyed doing extremely quick and simple sketches whilst on the move - on buses, walking, grabbing a quick coffee - and I have chosen a select few to upload to my blog.

I always find it fascinating how when you have time working against you, your drawings skills up their anti and drive an often great illustration out of you. There a fewer marks because you don't have enough time to be over precise, leaving you making confident marks that suggest shapes, thoughts and feelings.

More to come...


Told you...
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Took this whilst waiting for my train, liverpool lime st has so much character and history. Beautiful station.
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MR Curtis

Great actor 'Some like it hot' is one of my favourite movies, I love to have it playing at christmas since I watched it for the 1st time one christmas day on TV. There's nothing like a vintage classic on Christmas.

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