My Central Saint Martins interview, 09

Here's my first animation!... its created by all the drawings I'd done from CSM at Southampton Row and a taped convocation I'd had with a friend (luke moorhead).

Title- 'My Central Saint Martins interview, 09'

Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins | illustration brief

We have been ask to visually record parts of CSM, due to us moving to the new Kings Cross building in 2010. Heres some of my initial work...

Monoprints and drawings
london art student ual history 

Jackie O anniversary

Today is the 16th anniversary of Jackie O's death. Your legacy still lives on, your just as relevant today as back in the 60's!... There's even a Biopic in the works of your life! 


jfk jackie o american president love death first lady

Want five Warhol kisses my dear?

-MONOPRINT & TRANSFER-(with felt pen)

How delightful are the bottom two?!... they are like two juicy leeches or aggressive slugs. 

Note: I think its always so important to be playful with your notepads/sketchbooks, like children playing leads to discovery. Don't do it if your not having fun.
ANDY WARHOL lips sex sexy artist art london modern art 


Another recent illustration of the late beautiful princess Diana.

royal family prince charles england united kingdom history 


Heres some of my general Tracey Emin notes & transfers about her work.

tracey emin art london modern art central saint martins student artist drawings 


Drawings from inside the British museum, people in and around the cafe at lunch time. There is a really strong sense of isolation in these studies which I find really touching.

Hot Dog

Heres my illustration of the man that was always smiling who sold hot dogs outside the British Museum on the 13/05/10

The man outside

Here are my illustrations of the man giving out left-lets at the entrance to the British Museum on the 13/05/10


For my recent illustration project I used the song 'Eleanor Rigby' as a strong inspiration to create body of work.
I downloaded The Beatles greatest hits in an effort to get under the skin of the song and the narrative behind it. It wasn't long after that I contracted a strong bout of my very own and very personal Beatlemania. I used every outlet at my disposal to fulfil my craving, watching old episodes of the South bank show that featured Paul McCartney, trolling through LIFE magazine's photograph archive, reading through old newspaper articles online. 
However I became more and more surprised at my new found love for the fantastic four. Why now? Why hadn't I seen their appeal before? I always knew how influential their music was and it was clear how much they'd shaped popular culture, and being from Liverpool I have been bomb-bared by Beatle fever since I can remember. AND THATS IT. Having the magical mystery tour bus constantly driving past you doesn't make you love The Beatles it doesn't even make you want to think about the Beatles. Having to keep conversation flowing with older generations of people reminiscing about the Beatles doesn't make you like them. It makes you switch off. Moving away from Liverpool gave me enough distance from their monumental and all commanding legacy to look back and appreciate them. We have a healthy relationship now.

Below is some of the work that arrived from my episode.

john Lennon, 

Illustration project | Eleanor Rigby

Recently I have been working on my illustration brief within this 'pick & mix' stage of my course. To kick start our work we went drawing on location in the British Museum. Starting by making for initial illustrations on post-it notes. Below are some of my drawings from the day.

(above) This is my favourite drawing from the day, it's of a young woman who looked like she was on a college trip with her peers. I think the lines and focus on her 'character' and her most notable features i.e. bag, fuzzy hair, facial features. Are fantastic! Adding anymore information would ruin it. This drawing needs to be studied sensitively, with respect and a real intention to engage and fill in the gaps in your mind.

London central saint martins people art drawing illustration 

Photo trail - Liverpool | Woolton

LIVERPOOL | Spring 2010

liverpool woolton menlove avenue uk england 

-DIANA- pop tragedy

My work on Princess Diana for my recent context project examining tragedy in popular culture.

royal family england london history princes charles prince harry prince william the queen 


My work on JFK within my recent context project examining tragedy in popular culture.

america president 1960 60'd jackie O history kennedy family death 


Work from my recent project exploring tragedy in popular culture.

the spice girls geri halliwell pop music band 1990 90's kids victoria Beckham 

David Edward VI Lynn'

Title- 'Edward is this whole realms most precious jewel' - Henry VIII
[Edward VI died 6th July 1553, aged 15]

Made for my recent context lessons.

london history royal family henry VIII


I LOVE Diana. All of it the conspiracies, the tragedy, the beauty. I'm ESPECIALLY interested and fascinated how all images, visuals and recorded material are frozen in the 90's... No matter how hard we try none of us can create fresh and new recordings of Princess Diana Spencer. I think me living in London has also charged this interest.

Below find my... POSTCARD and COLLAGE = monoprints to follow soon I promise.

london love royal family london uk prince charles camilla buckingham palace  

Photo trail - Liverpool | spring 2010

LIVERPOOL!   | spring 2010

Woolton & Calderstones Park - taken easter 2010

OH MY GOD!  B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. colours and tones look at that detail in the bricks!

london liverpool art artists photography

Photo trail - London | spring 2010

London | spring 2010

Some of my recent film photographs, whenever I use a film camera I never want to use digital cameras again! Film photos just have the richest, deepest tones.