Photo trail - easter 2010

Photo trail - easter 2010

Photo trail - easter 2010

Some of the results from my recent photo trail with a film camera

Just want to share this photo

I found this photo when browsing the internet and I thought it was fantastic. I am reading Emin's book 'Strangeland' at the moment and I strongly recommend it.

(Stella McCartney, Kate Moss & Tracey Emin) -talk about A-Listers

Photo booth collages

Some recent 'photo booth collages'

princess diana london central saint martins collage photo photography 

Wonderful Bill

A recent monoprint illustration to depict the wonderfully intellectual Billy Connolly, if you only know him for his comedy... do some research, dig around the net. I recommend the Channel 4 'Shrink Rap' interview it's available here.

'Wonderful Bill'

A childhood

Two recent illustrations-

'A childhood'

(Note to readers: any spelling mistakes are deliberate to reflect the meaning of the piece) 

Family art London liverpool kids children love central saint martins 

Family trips I never went on

A recent set of monoprints-

'Family trips I never went on'

family holidays life love wales monoprint Central saint martins 

Miss Monroe your candle didn't burn out long ago.

My life long lover affair with Marilyn Monroe continues...

'Miss Monroe... your candle didn't burn out long ago...'

Monoprint & felt-tip

Marilyn monroe celebrity sex love legend movie star hollywood

Feeling Skinny?

My recent monoprint work-

'It's hard to feel adored through layers of fat'

Drawing art central saint martins jared leto celebrities terry richardson photography Art

Monoprint family

Monoprint portraits of some family that I don't/hardly or haven't seen-

Baby of a family
Head of a family
The oldest knows best??

Art love family central saint martins drawing london liverpool grandad

England's Rose - Diana

My recent collage


Princess Diana was the first royal bride to omit the word "obey" in her wedding vows. 

Monoprint Vs Pencil

Once of my recent Monoprint drawings

Monoprint drawings

Graphic design london monoprint art drawings

Pen Marks - Different twins

'different twins'

Two recent illustrations

Pen Marks - Gaze glasses illustration & Miami '80

'Gaze through tinted glasses' 

'my'ami: Miami '80'

Some recent illustrations 
Graphic design central saint martins london art 

Pen Marks - Feb '81

'Feb '81 baking in the kitchen'

Another illustration from an old family photo album.

Graphic design illustration central saint martins london art photos vintage