35mm slides

Now I have my slide scanner, I have finally scanned some of the old slides given to me. The slides originally belonged to and elderly man who used to take them and paint from them. However after his widowed wife died, the slides were going to be thrown out. So my friend Niki stepped in and saved them, deciding it was best to give them to me!

Happy Birthday Cards

Here are two greeting cards I designed recently.

Party idea

Recycle empty food jars as quirky tumblers for your next party, personalise them with printed labels!

party hosting design decorations ideas 


Love my walks in the park

The white of those feathers contrast against the surroundings so effectively. 

Interior Inspirations

A beautiful clean interior I like...

Interior things I've SNAPPED!!!...

...or even drawn

Recent personal sketchbook work


 Christopher Shannon menswear

Illustrations mainly from Menswear imagery

New York


Deep freeze

Quick photo!