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Force a smile?

Force a smile?
Heres some imagery from my latest project.


While rooting though a junk shop I found a copy of the Liverpool Echo at the time of the Royal wedding between Charles & Diana. It was a 'Royal Wedding Souvenir Special'. Being fascinated by Diana and the position she came hold in the world's heart. As well as her demise inside one of the biggest, oldest, richest institutions AKA The Royal Family. I HAD TO BUY IT. Lucky it didn't cost anywhere near what I thought it would, and it was mine for.... 50p!

Heres a scan below. GREAT image, and very topical with our new Royal wedding!

How much changes?

Patti Smith | Guardian interview

Patti Smith, one of the people I find most inspired, and able to create poignant work from careful heartfelt observation. She has been interviewed by The Guardian for their 'Saturday interview'. I was so excited when I saw the interview on The Guardian homepage, after reading I felt satisfied and full from a reassuring heart warming helping from a true artistic maverick. She is really something.

I read her book 'Just Kids' (which won a National Book Award) and found it powerful, more than a memoir, and more of a comment on the power of human connections. Reminding the reader how the relationships we form can not only transform and reconstruct our lives. But our connections can transform the world.

I was so exhilarated by the book I ended up buying it for one of my best friends and underlining & annotating all the parts I found powerful, and potentially life changing. Yes life changing. Because if someone can describe and confidently discuss something that you can taste, you can feel but can't quite 'pin down' yet. Then you've got life changing material on your hands.

After reading The Guardian's interview I read some of the comments added below by readers, which I found just as moving as the article. I even added my own (see below). Read Patti Smith's article here

found images

Some of my new found imagery...

A beautiful old photograph of a ruin.

Gateacre Community Comprehensive R.I.P

Gateacre Community Comprehensive | R.I.P

I have started recording Gateacre Community Comprehensive school (my secondary school) as it is due to be demolished this year as the school moves to a new site. This is obviously a fantastic chance for the school to gain bigger & better facilities, bringing the school into 2011. But for past students like myself we are loosing a lot of strong memories from our adolescence. Below are some of my photographs of the school I took just before christmas. I also did some filming there and when I have edited/finished that will post that up on my blog too.

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