Work in progress

Work in progress | 'Off the pitch, mixed & fixed'

Some results of my screen printing experiments! I'm excited to develop this work further...


World War One | Gas Alarm

The Great War | Gas Alarm

I recently created work for the Belgian Tourist Board, which was chosen to go on display to mark the upcoming 100th anniversary of World War One. 
My screen-printed illustrations are inspired by the poisonous 'Mustard/Sulphur' gases used in warfare during WW1. 

Some of the work selected is now on display at:

"The First & The Last"
24|11|11 - 4|12|11
Swiss Cottage Library Gallery
88 Avenue Rd, London
Free admission

-My work on display-


Fur slips

Fur slips | collage


Merge | Collage 




Collage illustration

Ward, Tony Ward


A rubber stamp illustration in response to 10 Men's Mr Ward issue 23.

March | 2011


Torso collection

David Lynn

Luke Moorhead

LookLynn | 2010

LookLynn | Book

LookLynn | Book print


Living with Marilyn

Living with Marilyn  

Screen printed illustration 'Living with Marilyn' based on personal identity.



Tank | Top

Screen printed illustration 'Tank' exploring shape and masculinity.

Bambi lip

Bambi lip | screen printing

Screen printed illustration collages, developed and printed in Bluecoat artist studios summer 2011.

Screen printing | LookLynn wallpaper

Screen printing | LookLynn wallpaper

Talking creative

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau"

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Fox screenshot

Fox screenshot

A screen shot from a film piece I'm working on.

Gateacre summer work

Gateacre summer work | screen printing


Talking creative

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." - Hans Hofmann"

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Talking creative

"Everything changes when you change." - Jim Rohn."


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Work in action: LookLynn

Work in action: LookLynn
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LookLynn is born

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Doravic | Illustration
07| 09| 11


Untitled | Illustration


Polo | Illustration

07| 09| 11

Age- Less

Age- Less | Collage
07| 09| 11

Talking creative

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Drinks I like

Drinks I like | Tia Maria

Royal reporter

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Alter worship

Alter worship

Monoprint, collage, ink

Tracey Emin, Artist talk, Pt.1

Tracey Emin | Special birthday

Birthdays are strange. They either overwhelm and surprise you, or leave you disappointed. Someone's "Lucky birthday" which is sometimes called your Golden or Grand birthday. Is when you turn the age of your birth day (e.g. being born on the 23rd of the month and turning 23 years old). Last Friday, the 27th, was my 21st birthday. So not my "lucky birthday". On the Monday of my birthday week, two thoughts were stirring in my mind. My ticket for a talk by Tracey Emin, my favourite artist, happening that evening at the Hayward gallery, London. Along with the thought of my birthday party in Liverpool at the end of the week.

As my Monday wore on I shared text messages with friends about our plans for my birthday party, with outbursts of excitement for Tracey. I was planning on buying the catalogue for her new exhibition and getting her to sign it before the talk, as she was meant to be signing copies. However I had also planned to bring along a blank home-made 21st birthday card, in the hope she'd see the fun side of my request and sign and address it to me with that all important sentence…'Happy 21st birthday'.

Three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock... come on, half six! I want my card signed. Around 5.45pm a group of hardcore fans stand up from their seats and shuffle forward. Subtly carting bags full of books and posters they are acting casual, cool. But, looking very determined. Oh god, two of them have suitcases!? Ok I’m new at this, so I’ll take my cues from them.  But I still have most of my pint left. And they are starting to form queue, for an empty desk? Ok. I quickly gulped down my drink. Trying to look as relaxed as I could. And scurried across.

I queued patiently with the mega fans, chatting as sharing stories. This is lovely, I thought, its like a mini community. Every couple of minutes the nerves and excitement would be cranked up a notch, with someone else mentioning how much longer we had left to wait.

Eventually, from the corner of the room a slim body, with sun kissed brown hair confidently walked towards us. Tracey Emin. Followed loyally by a team of assistants. She sat down, made eye contact with a fan, broke into one of her famous crooked smiles and warmly laughed at a team members joke. She's lovely! No worries. She WILL sign my card I can tell. 

The queue moved surprisingly fast, before long I was next. Then, it was my turn. I stepped forward holding out my show catalogue and handed it over. She scribbled away on it. "Its my 21st birthday this week and... I've brought a birthday card. Would you sign my birthday card. Please. My name is David?" "Yesss. Happy 21st birthday David", she said smiling, holding out her hand to take my card. YES... She. Said. Yes. I walked away with my birthday card safely inside my exhibition catalogue. Thinking... so much for "lucky" birthdays. 


57 PROTAGONISTS | Second year illustration exhibition

Our second year illustration show opens tomorrow (2nd June). All the the work is looking fantastic, the private view is sure to be night to remember! I'm planing on bringing along my video camera to capture all the excitement. So watch this space.

02.06.11 - 11.06.11

12 Cardinal Walk, Roof Garden Level
(off Victoria St) 
London, SW1E 5JE

Liverpool Birthdays

Liverpool Birthdays | You've gotta have them!

Over the bank holiday weekend it was my 21st birthday. I travelled back home to Liverpool, so I could celebrate my special birthday, in my special city. Live!

My new website that I've been working on is now live! It's got a selection of most of my work and theres more work to be added! 

Take a look...

student website central saint martins csm tracey emin 

A Gateacre Goodbye

A Gateacre Goodbye | Film

This is the result from some filming I did in Gateacre community comprehensive school (my old secondary school). The school is due to be demolished later this year and move to a new site. I wanted to capture some of the original building before it vanished.

Filming & editing- David Lynn
Music- "See U eveywhere" by Avia

Henry VIII

Henry VIII