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No graduation day for you...
Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo!

Pen Marks - Male Study

V&A museum notes & sketches coming soon!... 
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Pen Marks - Vontease

Dita Vontease

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Pen Marks - Feeling Posh???

Victoria Beckham
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Pen Marks - Rings & Things

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Pen marks - Cups of tea

Tea time needs to be fun

Think the Mad Hatters tea party!
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Jarvis Cocker Study

Uni Project- Hero/ Heroine 
Self portrait these started from the idea of creating a portrait based on your hero/heroine.

ps. I was the winner of Best Look-a-Like , pretty nifty ahhh!
(I won a bottle of cava)
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pen marks - Moleskin sets #31

My recent notes and illustrations/ sketches-

I couldn't decide which I preferred, before the pink hair or with the pink hair? So I posted both.
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Tate Modern Notes- 20th Jan 10

My notes from my visit to Tate Modern on the 20th Jan 2010, I'm really getting use out of my Tate Membership.

I can't wait for the new exhibitions to open! The Tate is such a fantastic place to go to get some inspiration, a true classic.

Self Portrait

Self portrait 
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pen marks - Moleskin sets #30

Jenny from the block
Jlo jennifer lopez

Best Buys... Monday 19th


Chap stick


Days events- Starbucks, Covent garden shopping, pizza hut, a sweep of soho, grocery shop, bus ride.

Company- Lucy & David

pen marks - Moleskin sets #29... NYE

Myself and Hannah immortalised in the medium of drawing & illustration forever!

William Eggleston: 21st Century

William Eggleston: 21st Century

On Thursday night with inflamed tonsils & a sore throat I went to the opening night of William's Eggleston's latest exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery. William Eggleston is one of those 'King Pins' in photography, born with natural talent and confidence to breed compelling images.

His Images often I feel get the "colour treatment" were people focus too much on what the colour is presenting. For me the overwhelming subtlety in his photographs is their commanding presence. They are asking you for a response. With their hazy multi-toned rich 1950 radio voice they are asking you to involve yourself with the image.
Possibly my favourite flavour in Eggleston's stew I love to devourer image after image, is their first look attention snatching ascetics. This works with stage two of the experience were you unravel all the further pieces to the puzzle. It's safe to say Eggleston's images are weighty with many layers, they are made to be revisited & revisited.

Eggleston's 21st Century life is exhibited at Victoria Miro Gallery London + concurrently by Cheim & Read in New York in January 2010.

Rounding off, Thursday night was fantastic the collection of photographs are carefully crafted with not too much or too little (22 photographs). They present a well balanced view of our world and its satisfying quirks in the most unlikely of places. I defiantly felt it was worth my while braving the cold & battling my ill health, especially after I got to stand next to the man himself, William Eggleston! Yes HE WAS THERE

My illustration of Eggleston

Photos from the night

pen marks - Moleskin sets #28


Marilyn monroeStella Mccartney fashion Saint Martins

baby boy

pen marks - Moleskin sets #27

A set of illustrations from one of my all time favourites Goldie Hawn in her youth.

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #26

Michael Jackson
Blood on the dance floooor

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Photos I have taken from a walk around a park in liverpool, whilst home for christmas.