My Lethaby | Moving image project

My Lethaby | Moving image project

David Lynn & Stephanie Hartman's Moving Image piece inspired from the Lethaby building at Central Saint Martins, Southampton Row, London.

Our aim was to capture the Lethaby building's atmosphere and architecture presenting it in a fresh light, by using unusual angles, repeated patterns and filming through glass crystals. After collecting a mixture of live action, still image photography and sound recordings from around the building as well as the building's archive. We layered and collaged this material along with our illustrations to form an authentically sourced response to our surroundings.


Rome Trip

Some fun Video from our illustration trip to Rome earlier this month!

Creative talking

Creative talking | Carol Ann Duffy

"When one of her (Carol Ann Duffy) English teachers died, she wrote: "You sat on your desk,/ swinging your legs, reading a poem by Yeats/ to the bored girls, except my heart stumbled and blushed/ as it fell in love with the words and I saw the tree/ in the scratched old desk under my hands, heard the bird in the oak outside scribble itself on the air."

T Ward sale

T Ward sale 

My stamp I created of model Tony ward collaged with a sale sicker I found stuck to the floor.

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward | collage, ink illustration

Moleskin set #39

Moleskin set #39

recent sketches

Saint Martin's Lethaby building project

Saint Martin's | Lethaby building project

Her & Him

Her & Him | illustration


Cousins | illustration from an old photograph

John Galliano: The bad guy

John Galliano | The bad guy

"The British designer John Galliano is to face trial for racial and religious insults after he was accused of making antisemitic comments during a drunken rant at a Paris bar." - The Guardian