Play House

Recent work re-pairing old family photographs making new connections and meanings between them:

'Play house'

Polka dot geeks

Polka dot geeks with stylish peaks
A recent monoprint illustration:

This is one of my favourite illustration's I've done, I love the awkward stylised posture 
Graphic design illustration mono-prints london central saint martins 

Him and Her- monoprints

Recent monoprints about gender:

Graphic design illustration monoprints men women marilyn monroe 

Pen Marks - David Lynn aged 6yrs 7months

David Lynn aged 6yrs 7months 

My latest illustration self portrait:

Graphic design central saint martins london art vintage photos

Pen Marks - july '78

July '78

Another illustration from some of my momma's old family photographs:

Graphic design drawing art central saint martins london 

Pen Marks - blue scarfed lady

blue scarfed lady

A recent illustration from another old family photograph:

graphic design london central saint martins drawing art

Pen Marks - youth is a funny thing

Youth is a funny thing

A recent illustration from an old family photograph:

Graphic design drawing illustration art paint london central saint martins 


Most memorable Brits performance of 30 years-  awarded to the spice girls. 

This performance really is one of the massive players in pop culture history. Sometimes if i feel like a piece am working on is looking a bit dull I'll watch this on youtube & it generally sorts it out.

Monoprint collage

Two monoprint collages-

Mark making - Monoprinting at home

I have been monoprinting ALOT, the last couple of days.
Purely because it's a beautiful, plain & organic way of making drawings. I feels as though I'm "going back to basics" when I monoprint. I love the atmosphere the ink impressions leave on the page it creates natural looking patterns like mould starting to attack your drawing EXQUISITE!

I will be posting my favourite monoprints in the next couple of days once I scan them in CSM libarary (my scanner isn't big enough & the white space in the drawings are a really important part of them).

This one I edited to give it a bit of life

Graphic design art illustration london celebrities

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day sugar
Graphic design london collage marilyn monroe love 

Collage - Pokerface

Tile: Pokerface
Graphic design illustration art london central saint martins 

Pen Marks - Monoprint

graphic design london illustration central saint martins male drawing art

Pen Marks - Panic

Graphic design london central saint martins illustration 

Pen Marks - There is more to skin than peach & cream

Pen Marks - There is more to skin than peach & cream

Graphic design central saint matins man male fashion painting yellow blue 

Monoprint slaps

Graphic design fashion girls drawing central saint martins london beauty -YOUR Disappointments Online Now

Your submitted disappointments are now ONLINE! Go check them out!

Pen Marks - Gordon's Gin Sugar

My Gordon's gin illustration-

Graphic design london central saint martins illustration painting art 

Pen Marks - Rappers Illustrated

One my "Rappers Illustrated" illustrations

Graphic design drawings london central saint martins rappers art chocolate 

Collage "The Bogus Family"

My recent collage "The Bogus Family" 

Graphic design illustration fake jfk marilyn monroe America family conspiracy london central saint martins

Pen Marks - 'The One Without The Ribbon & The Unsung Hero'

Recent illustrations:  The One Without The Ribbon & The Unsung Hero

Graphic design drawing london central saint martins people art

Pen Marks - Little Lady & The Tramp

More recent illustrations (done today in Starbucks over a tall Americano & an ipod)
Graphic Design Central saint martins london illustration design drawings sketches Art 

Pen marks - A Boy & His Pooch

A recent illustration

Graphic design london Central saint martins drawing illustration children vintage 

TATE Britain Notes

Here are my notes & sketches from my recent Trip to Tate Britain.

Tate Britain has one of the most varied collections I can remember seeing in a gallery, it's fantastic how you can move from room to room viewing abstract installations, classical sculptures along with work from the greats, David Hockney (adored his huge Bigger Trees Near Water paintings), Francis Bacon, Gilbert & George. Theres something for everyone if you look hard enough!

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, read this short review on Hockney's painting in TATE Britain from the Guardian its really interesting.

V&A Notes

Here are some of my notes & sketches from my recent trip to the Beautiful London V&A Museum.

I even snapped a photo of the amazing installation above reception on my phone (below).


Another of my latest collages...

Graphic design london fashion illustration collage kate moss cards love sex money celebrity 

Photo Collage

Heres two of my photo collages of Marilyn monroe & JFK

David lynn
graphic design london central saint martins  celebrities america vintage president love murder