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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  -Margaret Mead

Living for heaven

Illustration "Living for heaven"

Talking creative

 "If I could spell, then I would spell correctly, but I never bothered to learn. So, rather than be inhibited and say I can't write because I can't spell, I just write and get on with it.-Tracey Emin


David Lynn | Luke Moorhead

Talking creative

"I have been to Hell and back. And let me tell you, it was wonderful."-Louise Bourgeois 

Talking creative

"I had a lot of dates, but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows." -Andy Warhol



Golden doyleys set

Golden doyleys set



Pen marks - Moleskin sets #38

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #38

life drawing | 24/11/10

life drawing | 24/11/10

Re-use your empty bottles

'Re-use your empty bottles'

Be inventive or traditional, I've saved my empty gin bottle to hold flowers in. Candles are always a good one too! Heres my bottle;

A hot coffee in snow covered London

A hot cup of coffee in snow covered London

Today it snowed in London, properly snowed. But not that kind of snow that stops a city from going about its daily routines. It was the sort of snow that compliments, covers and accents the city's character. It was really beautiful (even if a little wet & cold trying to get to college!).


I took this photo when I was in Liverpool, I remember what I was trying to capture was the contrast in the natural delicate yellow daffodils, and the hard cold manufactured metal of the CCTV camera pole. 

Pen marks - ink studies

My Nan's photographs

My Grandma kindly let me scan in her photographs from when she met Princess Diana. I really think there're fantastic, I like how you feel the role of the observer in them. Some of the photos have a strong theme of surveillance, which for me creates something symbolic that speaks about how distant and isolated Diana was at times from people and the parts of life she loved.

Pen marks - Moleskin & pad sets #36

Remembering, Remembrance day

On Remembrance day this month I went for a coffee on my own after university. It was dull and dark, you could really feel winter was here. Sat opposite me in the coffee shop were some older gentlemen dressed with what looked like army clothing (blazers, meddles etc). Each of them had a poppy fastened firmly to there chests.

Whilst drinking my coffee I did a drawing of one of the men.

Flintstone punk

Lately I have been doing lots of illustrations with elements of animal print, fur, grunge, punk mixed with some earthy colours. I like it. 

Heres a couple of my latest ones! cant wait to get them printed. 

Rachel Whiteread | Drawings

This week I visited the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at Tate Britain, titled 'Drawings'. It is a display of her drawings from over the years. She has always drawn and treated drawing as a crucial part of her creative process, even if she is more well known for her sculpture work.

As with her sculpture the themes of people and singular lives are still explored through her drawings. You can almost hear her analysis, exploring the traces left by people living their daily lives, like whispers from the back of a bus. Her personality came across stronger than it usually does in her work, the drawings are more personal, and intimate, sometimes you felt like you were prying rather than viewing. But you are learning something more about Whiteread the 'person' or 'artist' walking around these pieces, and that captivates you.
She is portrayed, calm, consistent and precise. The kind of artist that flourishes organising the unordered fast moving world we live in. Subtle texture like the gloopy resine in her line drawings, played an important part in conveying the emotion she has with her subject material. This sincere, considerate approach Whiteread takes to her concepts, is what holds the strength in her practice. And ultimately, leads to her success in an previously un-exhibited branch of her art.

- Exhibition booklet

- One of the exhibition postcards I bought of Whiteread's sculpture 'House'

- Another exhibition postcard I bought of Whiteread's drawing


Lately I've really enjoyed illustrating bikes and the movement of them, or the static element of a inactive one. I don't really know why but I just keep feeling the urge to record different ones I see (and I see a lot being in London).

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #35

Heres some research from my sketchbook, the photograph is of a park in Liverpool. The colours in the photograph are so rich and warming. It was actually taken on a really cold day even thought the tones in the image don't suggest this.
Below is some mark making experiments, I'm planning on working into them more and building a more defined image but theres something about the innocence of the colours & marks in that raw form I really like. There something really expressive in those lines & smudges. 

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #34


-'Elf help'

Objects of un-desire

One of my latest briefs was "Objects of undesire" where we had to illustrate four issues/behaviours/objects/activities that may frustrate, anger or irritate us. They could be a serious of playful as you liked. My four where more about an underlying attitude that I disliked.

- Cyclists that ignore red lights at crossings

- Pretentious posers in unsuitable environments i.e. Tesco

- Employees that smoke outside their company entrance (cafe's, restaurants etc not offices)

- The taste police

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #33

A illustration about identity examining how we think about, and imagine our independence.

Pen marks - Moleskin sets #32

Heres some of my illustrations exploring gender, masculinity and culture. Examining symbolic elements we see in one another, discussing how we might interpret these elements and group them.