For my recent illustration project I used the song 'Eleanor Rigby' as a strong inspiration to create body of work.
I downloaded The Beatles greatest hits in an effort to get under the skin of the song and the narrative behind it. It wasn't long after that I contracted a strong bout of my very own and very personal Beatlemania. I used every outlet at my disposal to fulfil my craving, watching old episodes of the South bank show that featured Paul McCartney, trolling through LIFE magazine's photograph archive, reading through old newspaper articles online. 
However I became more and more surprised at my new found love for the fantastic four. Why now? Why hadn't I seen their appeal before? I always knew how influential their music was and it was clear how much they'd shaped popular culture, and being from Liverpool I have been bomb-bared by Beatle fever since I can remember. AND THATS IT. Having the magical mystery tour bus constantly driving past you doesn't make you love The Beatles it doesn't even make you want to think about the Beatles. Having to keep conversation flowing with older generations of people reminiscing about the Beatles doesn't make you like them. It makes you switch off. Moving away from Liverpool gave me enough distance from their monumental and all commanding legacy to look back and appreciate them. We have a healthy relationship now.

Below is some of the work that arrived from my episode.

john Lennon,