Pen marks- 'A fit bird'

'A fit bird'

I'm really interested in forms created by nature, really interested. Some natural forms that are extremely common or familiar to us are seen as 'normal' and 'right/correct'. But what about when theres is a quirk, a glitch, an abnormal element? How do you feel about it? Suddenly has a MUTANT been created (in capital, bold, piecing letters)? I'm not too sure. Part of me even begins to run through Darwin's evolution theory, trying to form some connection.
I took out a book from CSM library named 'MUTANTS' and I keep flicking through the pages studying the photographs & illustrations feeling both fascinated and guilty. Guilty I am treating these people/animals like a freak-show. There is defiantly a real raw element of beauty in these "Mutants"... above I have paired my drawing of a male Eurasian Golden Oriole bird with some of the images from the mutant book to illustrate this idea.

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