Tracey Emin Discusses "The Shop'

Tracey Emin
Discusses 'The Shop'
- At Tate Modern Tue 08 Dec 2009

On tuesday night I went to a discussion by Tracey Emin about her early work involving 'The Shop'.

It was at Tate Modern, she came late after being at the GQ christmas party, she was openly a little drunk, she began to cry, and she was brilliant.

I have always been interested in Tracey Emin, there's no denying she's an interesting character. A fiery YBA who loves to drink, party and make frank open honest art.
Something that really stuck with me after the talk was her generosity, she naturally gives as much of herself as she can to any situation. Investing herself in this way, underpins, stocks, fills and slightly overflows any project she's involved in, resulting in fascinating experiences and important work. You walk away knowing that Emin would never be one of those people to leave before the party's over or the coffee shop shuts.

My notes & sketches: