Swan | We succeed together 

I decided to explore the theme of ‘we succeed together’. I began by visiting a local farm from where I grew up, and drawing from observation. Believing I would witness and hopefully record beautiful displays of partnership between the natural elements at the farm . The collaboration between the animals was the first thing that resonated with me. Visually you could see how the farm was in unison. The animals each illustrated how their biggest asset was each other by moving and exploring flocks. Generating a natural and organic chorus. One of my drawings was from a pair of swans standing on the edge of the lake. As I drew the swans I noticed how one of the swans was clearing away some leaves and mud that the other swan had on its chalk white feathers. And then I remembered how when swans find a mate, they keep that mate for life. Experiencing and accomplishing life together, side by side. This successful pairing encapsulated the theme I wanted to explore. With this sentiment and swan’s natural elegant form I was inspired to develop my drawings of the swans more. Therefore I returned to my original drawings afterwards and made some monoprints from them, deciding they would have more emotional marks from using this medium. I concluded be scanning the monoprints along with watercolour sketches to further develop them digitally.
I also created a piece the same way but illustrating the instinctive partnership between the chickens and hens while they were fed. Interested at how they each respected one another’s space, whilst being incredibly close together. Which meant they all ate as a community growing, and moving forward together.